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    The  Cursed First Term of Zelda Stitch. Bad Teacher. Worse Witch.
    The Cursed First Term of Zelda Stitch. Bad Teacher. Worse Witch.
    Zelda rides a broomstick! Zelda's got a bat-friend! Zelda smells like toadstools! Witch! Witch! Witch! It was bad enough when I was eleven years old. But if they sniff me out now, it'll be a disaster. Zelda Stitch isn't much of a witch - she's hoping she'll make a better primary school teacher. But if the vice principal finds out about her, her dream will go up in a puff of smoke. Keeping her magic secret isn't the only trouble bubbling in Ms Stitch's classroom: there's wild-child Zinnia, lonely Eleanor, secretive Phoebe and a hairy, eight-legged visitor called Jeremy. Not to mention the nits... With NO HELP AT ALL from her disagreeable cat Barnaby, Zelda must learn to be a better teacher, a better friend and a better witch - even if that means taking broomstick lessons. Magic. Mischief. Mayhem. Zelda's classroom is a cauldron full of laughs.
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    AU$ 44.99

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    Nicki Greenberg
    Genre Sci Fi & Fantasy , Children's Fiction
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    Allen & Unwin Book Publishers
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