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    The Australian Ghost Whisperer
    The Australian Ghost Whisperer
    The True Life Journey of Healings, Hauntings and Paranormal Experiences of a Gifted Psychic
    <i>The Australian Ghost Whisperer</i> is a collection of the accounts of the incredible experiences of Caterina Ligato, an extraordinary medium and psychic.<br/>'I opened the door and could just smell the blood and gunshots. I could sense these people who were still in agony because they were caught in the moment of being shot. It was so intense that excruciating pain...'<br/>This is the intrigung insight into the world of a Sydney psychic healer. Caterina Ligato first communicated with spirits at the age of three and has since come to accept her gift for dealing with the supernatural to use her talent to help people in need. Her stories of exorcism, healing sessions and spiritual communication have spread through word - of - mouth, lectures and workshops so that she now receives requests for help from around the world.<br/>This is a fascinating and honest story of the astounding personal experiences and relationships between a psychic and the spiritual world.<br/>
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    Caterina Ligato
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