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    The 'Bad' Girl's Guide to Better
    The 'Bad' Girl's Guide to Better
    A stealth-help guide to getting your act together
    <i>'Honest, funny, inspiring, brave, generous - you just want Casey to be your best friend. I loved it.' - </i>Jessica Marais<br/><br/><i>'Like your best, naughtiest friend and older sister rolled into one. Beros delivers a hilarious, vital hug to a new generation of women.' - </i>Natalie Imbruglia<br/><br/><i>'An epically funny book that drops the expectations and unpacks what it is that makes you, you.' - </i>Turia Pitt<br/><br/><i>'I've never made a mistake.' - </i>said no one, ever<br/><br/>Casey Beros is sick of women feeling bad about themselves. Bad about their slip ups, their successes and the size of their pants. <br/><br/>You see, Casey has made a lot of mistakes. Some she made a few times, just to ensure they really sunk in. But after more than a decade spent interviewing experts about health and happiness, Casey has learned to turn her mess into a message: you are <i>not</i> your mistakes. It's time to shrug off the shame, do away with the disappointment and start loving your story, because you deserve whatever you want out of life - and this book is about helping you get it (and making sure you have a bloody good time along the way). <br/> <br/>Written for all the bad girls (and good ones, too), <i>The 'Bad' Girl's Guide to Better</i> offers a hilarious and poignant take on growing through some of your worst behaviour to step into a better, brighter future - from upgrading your emotional intelligence to fixing your relationship with money, navigating friendships, forgiving your parents and finding the one(s). A bestie in a book, it will soothe your soul, make you giggle and alter your perspective on the most important relationship in life: the one with yourself. Because life is a sh•tload easier when you have your own back.<br/>
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    Casey Beros
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