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    The Creative Seed (Empower edition)
    The Creative Seed (Empower edition)
    How to enrich your life through creativity
    Skills, Experimentation, Evaluation and Discovery: SEED - an original approach to empower beginners and established creators to clearly understand the nature of the creative process. The Creative SEED is the perfect guidebook for anyone who has an interest in exploring some form of creative expression. Even if you think you don't have an ounce of creative flair, you can discover and nurture a new, exciting dimension in your life. Whether you are already involved in some form of creative expression, a raw beginner or well established, this book provides a host of strategies to keep you inspired and on track in living your creative dream. Divided into two parts, it will help you identify creative interest and challenge common myths of creativity with stimulating exercises to help you discover your creative strengths before moving on to address the common difficulties people experience - such as anxiety, low self-confidence and procrastination - that may hinder creative outlets. The skills and strategies described and encouraged in the book are all based on sound, well-researched psychological principles that are easily transferable to all parts of your life. Chapters also provide case histories, questions and exercises to assist you in gaining self-awareness and practical skills to be active and successful in your creative expression.
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