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    The Killing Season Uncut
    The Killing Season Uncut
    Australians came to the ABC's The Killing Season in droves, their fascination with the brutal Rudd - Gillard struggle as enduring as the saga itself. This is the book that brings you the uncut version of The Killing Season, taking you behind the cameras to reveal the untold stories and candid moments that didn't go to air. For the first time a more complete version of the truth is revealed. Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard dominate the drama as they strain to claim the narrative of Labor's years in power. Rudd gives his painful account of the period and recalls in vivid detail the events of losing the prime ministership. Gillard is frank and unsparing of her colleagues. More than a hundred people were interviewed for The Killing Season - ministers, backbenchers, staffers, party officials, pollsters and public servants - Gillard governments and then brought them undone. It is a daming portrait of a party at war with itself - of the personal rivalries and bitter defeats that have come to define the Rudd - Gillard era. It is also a remarkable insight into the work of Sarah Ferguson, one of Australia's top journalists.
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    Sarah Ferguson and Patricia Drum
    Genre Politics & Government , Language & Linguistics
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    Melbourne University Press
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