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    The Million Dollar Handshake
    The Million Dollar Handshake
    The ultimate guide to revolutionise how you connect and communicate in business life
    The Million Dollar Handshake is about more than making money - it is also about helping you feel a million dollars. First impressions do count - and few have as much impact as your handshake. A handshake can let the other person know if we are nervous, over-excited, confident or interested in them, and it can tell us so much about that person too, once we learn the signs. A great handshake can lead to a positive outcome, help secure a deal and result in an ongoing relationship. We can make a good or bad impression within just seven seconds of meeting someone. This book shows you how to create a great first impression; offers advice on how to let the other person see that you are interested in them, that they can trust and depend on you; and delves into what you do and don't want your handshake to convey. The Million Dollar Handshake will teach you how to communicate better in all parts of your life, starting with those crucial first seven seconds. But the skills you'll learn won't stop there, because as you realise how your handshake reveals who you are, you'll be inspired to make the positive changes that will result in better first-time and ongoing communication with others. Includes access to exclusive online content featuring interactive training, worksheets an videos.
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