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    The Slow Lane
    The Slow Lane
    Why Quick Fixes Fail and How to Achieve Real Change
    <b>Avoid the speed trap! Discover how changemakers can find lasting solutions to urgent social problems through a proven 5-step process for listening thoughtfully, building broad support, and exploring unconventional options.</b><br/>Society celebrates leaders who promise fast, easy solutions to the world's problems-but quick fixes are just mirages that fade, leaving us with the same broken systems. The truth is, effective social change happens through slow, intentional actions. The author, a globally acclaimed social entrepreneur, offers a 5-step process for taking the slow lane to change-the lane that gets you to the right place faster:<br/> Listening-Listen to build trust, which can change hearts and minds and allow for something new to emerge. <br/> Holding the urgency-Accept that even in moments of crisis you can move only at the speed of trust instead of rushing into action. <br/> Sharing the agency-Create an inclusive environment where everyone can lead.<br/> Healing democracy-Build bridges that allow marginalized people to participate.<br/> Maintaining curiosity-Be inspired by nontraditional sources.<br/>Using dozens of examples-prison reform in England, urban development in Venezuela, healthcare in the Navajo Nation, early childhood education in New York, and many more- <br/>The Slow Lane shows how, by following the principles taught in this book, readers can create lasting change.
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