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    The Space Between the Stars
    The Space Between the Stars
    On love, loss and the magical power of nature to heal
    <b>A deeply moving and uplifting exploration of the power of nature - even urban nature - to heal the deepest hurts.</b><br/><br/><b>For fans of Julia Baird's <i>Phosphorescence</i>, Sarah Wilson's <i>This One Wild and Precious Life</i> or Leigh Sales' <i>Any Ordinary Day</i> comes an unforgettable and poignant exploration of the healing power of nature.<br/><br/>'A tender, touching and at times bloody funny meditation on life. And death. And how to live.' David Wenham</b><br/><br/><i>'For as long as I can remember, there has always been just the three of us. Three sisters. Only a year between each. Inseparable. It's been like that for almost 50 years ... Until my youngest sister walked out into her suburban backyard and took her life.</i><br/><br/><i>Is it possible to ever heal a tear in your universe?'</i><br/><br/>After her younger sister died suddenly, broadcaster Indira Naidoo's world was shattered. Turning to her urban landscape for solace, Indira found herself drawn to a fig tree overlooking Sydney harbour. A connection began to build between the two - one with a fractured heart, the other a centurion offering quiet companionship while asking nothing in return.<br/><br/>As Indira grappled with her heartbreak, an unnoticed universe of infinite beauty revealed itself: pale vanilla clouds pirouetting across the sky, resilient weeds pushing through cracks in the footpath, the magical biodiversity of tiny puddles. With the help of a posse of urban guides, she began to explore how nature - whatever bits of nature are within reach - can heal us during life's darker chapters, whether nursing a broken heart or an anxious mind.<br/><br/><i>The Space Between the Stars</i> is a heart-rending, at times funny, and uplifting tribute to love and our innate need to connect to the natural world, a celebration of the reassuring cycle of renewal that sustains and nourishes us all.<br/><br/><i>'As long as you can see the stars, you can never truly be lost.'</i>
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    Indira Naidoo
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