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    The Upwelling
    The Upwelling
    <b>'A deeply immersive young adult fantasy and an enthralling debut. It's a privilege to walk this new path into the oldest of stories' </b>AMIE KAUFMAN, <i>New York Times</i>-bestselling author<br/><b><br/></b>A CAPTIVATING YOUNG ADULT DEBUT FROM A BLACK&amp;WRITE! WRITING FELLOWSHIP WINNER<br/><b><br/></b><b>Three misfits.</b><br/><b>Two warring spirits.</b><br/><b>One chance to save the world.</b><br/><b><br/></b><b>Kirra </b>is the great-granddaughter of a truth dreamer, and, like Great Nanna Clara, no-one believes her night-visions are coming true. When an end-of-the-world nightmare forces her to surf where her brother was killed, she time-slips into a place that could ruin her life, here, and in the Dreaming.<br/><b><br/></b><b>Narn </b>is the son of a well-respected Elder and holds an enviable role in his saltwater clan. Though he bears the marks of a man, many treat him like an uninitiated boy, including the woman he wants to impress.<br/><b><br/></b><b>Tarni </b>is the daughter of a fierce hunter and the custodian of a clever gift. Somehow, she understands Kirra when no-one else can. But who sent this unexpected visitor: a powerful ancient healer or an evil shadow-spirit?<br/><b><br/></b><b>When death threatens all life, can a short-sighted surfer, a laidback dolphin caller and a feisty language unweaver work together to salvage our future?</b><br/><b><br/></b><b>'It is amazing to read a fantasy novel that draws on ancient original knowledge systems and their understandings. It's fun to read a book you can identify with.'</b> Dr Bronwyn Bancroft, award-winning Bundjalung artist and author<br/><br/><b>'Lystra Rose writes with a fresh and compelling voice, seamlessly marrying meticulous word craft and storytelling </b><b>with a deep connection to her Indigenous culture. This is uniquely Australian storytelling with purpose and a poetic sensibility.' </b>Tim Baker, bestselling author<br/><br/><b>'Not a surfer? Me neither, but I felt like I rode the waves with Kirra, feeling the salt spray on my face. Not Indigenous? Me neither, but I felt like I walked, and at times ran, amid the rich Yugambeh culture. There are so</b><br/><b>many things I am not, but that's why I love to read. The Upwelling is a cultural education by stealth.'</b> Bern Young, award-winning radio presenter, ABC Gold Coast<br/><br/><b>'A breath of fresh air for both the genre and Australian literature. Lystra Rose has expertly crafted a captivating and enchanting fantasy world filled with magic and heart, while reminding us of the rich cultures and histories that were taken during colonisation . . . a must-read for lovers of YA fantasy.' </b>Books+Publishing
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    Lystra Rose
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