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    The Virgin Monologues
    The Virgin Monologues
    Confessions of a Christian girl in a twenty-first-century world
    An insightful, inspirational, amusing and honest guide to relationships for the modern single Christian woman. How does the single Christian woman maintain her relationships while staying true to herself? How can she thrive in a predominately secular culture and keep her faith in a world that doesn't reflect her values? The Virgin Monologues teaches how to do healthy relationships, what to fight for and what to give up on. It gives healthy principles to understand before looking for a team mate. Endorsements: It may be that this does not paint the whole picture of your single life, but guaranteed there will be plenty of shared experience, hurts, accidents and adventures within these pages. With refreshing honesty, courage and humour Carrie publicly has the conversation so many of us have had in private. Her passion for Christ is a constant theme throughout this engaging, challenging and inspiring read.'''''''' It's tough being a single Christian girl in a world full of feelings and emotions and expectations and hopes and dreams and aspirations. Like a best friend spilling her deepest thoughts onto the page - some heartbreaking and some hilarious - Carrie takes us on a journey past shame and heartache and faux pas to healing and freedom and truth. This book will be a companion to any sassy young woman wanting to make sense of who she is in the midst of all of life's stuff.'''''''' - Chine Mbubaegbu, head of media & communications Evangelical Alliance; author of Am I Beautiful? (Authentic). The Virgin Monologues opens up much - needed space for dialogue in the Christian community about the way we communicate to women and girls about sex. Carrie's sincerity and openness about her personal experiences offer a relatable alternative to the dysfunction of the corporate media's version of today's sexual narrative and the too often shaming response from the religious communities. The Virgin Monologues should be a staple in every spiritual library.'''''''' I love this book. It is honest, funny, challenging and inspiring. Just like its author. Carrie is not afraid to say it as she sees it, and whether you agree with her or not, what comes across more than anything else is her infectious passion for Jesus and her longing for others to encounter him and be changed.'''''''' If, like me, you're dissatisfied with the rubbish about love, life and relationships that you sometimes inhale, here's your chance to breathe in beautiful and wild words of wisdom that lead to Life. Carrie has captured the art of celebrating who she is while still believing the best is yet to come. It makes for a captivating read and an even more infectious life!'''''''' The Virgin Monologues is a wonderfully courageous ride through love and life. I found Carrie's honest communication about what it's like to navigate the joyous and sometimes perilous journey though relationships refreshing. In her book Carrie has invited us to not only do better in relationships but to be a better people. I know this book may seem, on the surface, to be geared towards women. However, men will find it fascinating and challenging and will probably be better men for reading it. A must read!'''''''' - Gabe Valenzuela, 2nd Year Overseer, Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. In this book Carrie reminds us that what is most important is actually understanding and living out of a place of knowing who we are in Christ, and how that needs to be at the foundation of how we see ourselves. When we do it will transform how we do relationships - single people or married.'''''''' - Nici Cahusac''''.
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