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    Top 10 of Everything Rugby
    Top 10 of Everything Rugby
    Top 10 of Everything Rugby' is a journey through the history of international rugby, ranking the best and worst of the game in lists that cover everything from best captains, great rivalries and acts of heroism to wasted talents, scary psychos and darkest scandals. There have been iconic players, gentleman thugs, giant chokes, huge upsets, memorable comebacks and acts of violence that make even the toughest enforcers shiver. Gregor Paul offers his choices on all of these - but of course he doesn't expect you to agree!<br/>The book also includes Gregor's Top Ten picks on:<br/> The best of the Rugby World Cup<br/> The best of the eight top - ranked rugby - playing nations<br/> The best players in every field position<br/>This is a book both the committed and casual rugby follower will find impossible to put down. With every possible relevant and irrelevant facet of the game covered, 'Top 10 of Everything Rugby' is the ultimate judge on the acts, people and performances that have defined the sport.<br/>
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