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    Total Heart Health
    Total Heart Health
    You know the mantra of heart disease facts and figures: ''affects nearly one in every two Americans,'' ''leading cause of death in the United States,'' and so on. Drugs and surgery help temporarily by reducing symptoms of the disease, but in most people they do not eliminate the disease. Clearly, a more effective approach is needed. The Total Heart Health Program may be that approach. The program is based on the principles of a 5,000-year-old system of medical knowledge from India that was revived in the early 1980s and renamed Maharishi Consciousness Based Health Care. This system of holistic medicine is premised on the belief that everything inside us and everything outside us, at the most finite level, is intimately connected. When any part of our physiology gets disconnected from this network of ''inner intelligence'' - which can happen as a result of negative influences in our bodies, mind, or environment - imbalances and disease begin. This approach treats the cause of disease by reestablishing these channels of communication, thereby enlivening the body's innate knowledge of how to function properly. Total Heart Health presents these concepts and their therapeutic techniques in a practical and easy-to-use program specifically for heart disease. Questionnaires help readers identify imbalances in their physiology that are likely to be contributing to existing heart disease or to its risk factors. Depending on how fast one wants results, the reader can take one, two, or all three approaches: The first recommends techniques to help correct these imbalances through the body; the second, through the mind; and the third, through the environment and the outer world. Diet, meditation, exercise, use of herbs, sound therapy, daily and seasonal routines, and natural rejuvenation and cleansing protocols are some of the techniques employed Scientific research and clinical experience of thousands who have used this program show it can bring about major reversals in heart disease. The evidence is enough to convince even the most skeptical Westerner of the power of this approach.
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