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    Everyone knows that truffles are fabulous and indulgent, but who knew that they could be so easy to make? Thanks to Dede Wilson's clear, uncomplicated approach - with much simpler concepts and techniques than in other candy and truffle books - chocolate lovers will find making truffles anything but intimidating. Perfect for anyone who loves - or loves to give! - chocolate, Truffles features 50 recipes for classic and contemporary chocolate truffles using a variety of flavorings (raspberry, ginger, curry, espresso, cognac, passion fruit, hazelnut, champagne, and more), decorating options, and chocolates (dark, milk, and white) for every taste and occasion. Truffle lovers can choose from recipes that run the gamut from Cocoa - Dusted Classic Bittersweet Chocolate Truffles to more exotic flavors like Amaretto Apricot Marzipan Truffles and Toasted Coconut Truffles. The introduction includes an explanation of truffle - making basics, including how to choose the right chocolate, what techniques to use, how to store truffles and how long they'll last, and what tools are required to make the perfect truffle. There is also a troubleshooting section to give first - time truffle makers helpful advice along the way. Full - color photos throughout and a stylish and contemporary design provide mouthwatering inspiration for any fan of these sublime treats.
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    Dede Wilson
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    Harvard Common Press
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