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    Alternative facts about a real fake president
    This book has the biggest sales numbers ever. No other book comes close, period.' Sean Spicer 'Psst, want a copy of the Trumpedia audiobook? I taped the whole thing.' Michael Cohen 'The pages have good people on both sides.' Steve Bannon 'The president misspoke-he meant that he wouldn't like to read this book.' Sarah Huckabee Sanders ' ' Jared Kushner 'Every word is a lie, it's all true, and Trump should be locked up because he's innocent.' Rudy Giuliani '?????? ??????????? ? kompromat ??????? puppet.' Vladimir Putin 'Trumpedia makes me proud to be the wife of the first African-American president. Be best!' Melania Trump Covering Trumpian essentials like Mar-a-Lago, Kim Jong-Un, The Mooch, 'covfefe', Miss Universe, fast food and of course Vladimir Putin, among other trending topics, <i>Trumpedia </i>is packed with the 45th president's least favourite things - facts and jokes. Featuring his unlikely successes in television, wrestling and politics, along with disasters like Trump Vodka, Trump 'University' and Trump Child Incarceration, <i>Trumpedia </i>is a roller coaster ride from the absurd to the ridiculous to the genuinely disturbing. It's just like following Trump on Twitter.
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    Dominic Knight
    Genre Comedy & Humour
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    Allen & Unwin Book Publishers
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