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    Unsung Ordinary Men
    Unsung Ordinary Men
    A Generation like no Other
    A powerful and profoundly moving exploration of lives we should never forget. <i>Unsung Ordinary Men</i>is the story of Sally Dingo's search to really know her father, Max Butler, a member of the 2/40th Battalion in World War II. After spending over three years in horrific prisoner - of - war camps, including those along the Thai - Burma railway, Max was one of the fortunate ones: he came home. And yet, like most of the 22,000 Australian POW's of the Japanese, he would not, or could not, talk about what happened with those closest to him. It is also the story of Max's father, Mort, who had served in World War I: the story of Max's cobbers - the perhaps unique community of ex - POWs who kept each other going. And the story of the mothers, wives and children who tried to understand what their men were still going through, decades later. This is the story of men, unsung and ordinary, who defended their country and were reluctant to tell the tale.
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    Sally Dingo
    Genre History , Biography & Autobiography
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