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    What is Numerology?
    What is Numerology?
    Numerology - the science, psychology and philosophy of numbers - enables us to use our mind and intuition to observe, connect with and interpret the cycle of numbers governing all aspects of life (1 to 9). Each of these numbers has its own set of qualities and meanings that can influence us at different levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual - in order to really make the most of life. After an insightful introduction about why the subject of Numerology is so worth exploring and the benefits it can bring, each main chapter then addresses key questions such as: Where does Numerology come from and how does it work? What are the benefits of applying Numerology to our lives? Can Numerology give me more insight into my own, or others', character? Can Numerology influence my aspirations and decisions in life? And finally, how can Numerology help me to become more aware of the bigger picture in life and make a wider contribution to society? As such, this book brings readers on an expert but exploratory journey through the world of numerology, reminding us of the power of numbers to cross all barriers (language, social and cultural), reminding us of our common quest to live happier, more fulfilled lives, and providing a fast track to truth and change.
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