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    William J. Seymour
    William J. Seymour
    Pioneer of the Azusa Street Revival
    William J. Seymour was a deeply spiritual man who impressed everyone who met him. These are just some of the descriptions of Seymour, who proved to be an effective leader, writer, teacher, and revivalist. His impact continues to be felt around the world today. Seymour's early work has opened the door to millions of people finding the fullness of the Holy Spirit since the Azusa Street Revival, which both Life Magazine, and Usa Today have listed as being one of the top - 100 - nation impacting events of the 20th century. This book is more than the life story of William J. Seyjour. It provides us with his original sermons, alalyses of his teachings, and the complete and original version of Seymour's final book, Doctrines and Dioscipline fo the Apostolic Faith Mission of Los Angeles, originally published in 1915. The pioneer and messenger of Azusa Street continues to speak to our hearts today with messages that are as timely now as when he first uttered them. His confident and steady voice calls us to holiness, repentance, faith, and racial reconciliation. The Penteconstal power, when you sum it all up, is just more of God's love. If it does not bring more lonve, it is simply a counterfeit. William J. Seymour It was this love that led Seymour to the unity of Christ that opened the doors of ministry to wormen and people of all races.
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