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    Gordon Lewis, ex-president of LIV, memoir. Known for his warmth, compassion and quick wit, Gordon Lewis has devoted many years to assisting and advising young lawyers. The textbook he originally co-authored with Justice Kyrou, Handy Hints on Legal Practice, was once described as the only legal textbook to ever make the readers laugh. Since his birth in 1934 Gordon Lewis has managed to badly damage a leg but still engage in a stellar career that included becoming a lawyer, a judge in the County Court, a movie reviewer, an advocate for greyhounds, a Commissioner for Corporate Affairs, CEO of the Law Institute of Victoria, and Road Safety Camera Commissioner, among other positions. And all this while developing an amazing sense of humour, which has left readers laughing aloud as they read his “memoir of a maverick lawyer”. Oh yes, and the title – Bitten by an Elephant – reflects his response to the queue of questioners about his lifelong disability.

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