Smith, Seana


    Seana Smith was born in Edinburgh and studied Latin, Greek and scuba diving at Oxford University. Arriving in Sydney in 1987 with her snorkel, flippers and a great deal of youthful energy, she began a TV career on 'The Midday Show' with Ray Martin and later worked as a producer of children’s television with the BBC. None of this study or work prepared her at all for the great task of motherhood. Seana’s under fives adventures began with the birth of her son Christian in 1997. Dexter arrived in 1999 and then there was a blur for a few years. For some strange reason a third child seemed like a good idea but fate intervened and twins Iona and Jamie were born in 2006. Seana and her husband Paul live in Sydney and are totally outnumbered, outclassed and outgunned by their four jet-propelled children.

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