Lloyd, Vera


    Vera Lloyd has been a senior teacher in the Department of Community Work, Canberra Institute of Technology, for over fifteen years and has extensive experience in the planning, preparation, delivery and assessment of community services programs. With qualifications in adult education, social work and community services, Vera has over thirty years of experience as a social worker in the community services sector both in the ACT and Victoria. Her diverse career path has included work in policing, adult corrections, youth justice, homeless youth and child protection.(br)(br)She has been a lecturer in the School of Social Work of the Australian Catholic University and as well as teaching, Vera also works as a counsellor and advocate in a rape crisis centre. Vera was awarded the inaugural Best Educator in Social Work (Academic) from the Australian Association of Social Work and Welfare Educators, and has received multiple Canberra Institute of Technology 'Teacher of the Year' Awards. She has been an advanced skills teacher since 2006 and has had affiliation and membership with a number of professional associations, including the Australian Association of Social Workers, Case Management Society of Australia, Australian Association of Social Work and Welfare Educators, and Diversity ACT.(br)(br)

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