Greek historian often called the Father of History, born in Halicarnassus. He exiled from Halicarnassus for conspiring against Persian rule. In 443 BC Herodotus settled in southern Italy where he devoted his remaining life to the completion of his work History, one of the greatest works ever produced. The book has been divided, by later authors, into nine parts. History is perhaps the first known work to be written in prose. Critics have paid tribute to its grandeur of design and to its candid, lucid, and delightful style. Herodotus displayed a wide knowledge of Greek literature and contemporary rational thought in this work.

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    Greek historian Herodotus, often called the Father of History, was born in Halicarnassus. From there he was exiled for conspiring against Persian rule. His wide-ranging travels enabled him to analyze the contemporary life and document comprehensive history.

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