The works of Procopious, a Byzantine historian are a minefield of historical and geographical information.
    Procopious was a private secretary to the military general, Belisarius from AD 527 to 531. He accompanied the general on his campaigns in the Vandal, Persian and Gothic wars. After AD 540 he returned to Constantinople and in his writings describes the great plague which ravaged this city in AD 542. Later details of his life are vague.
    Procopious' writings can be divided into three categories: Polemon, (Debellis; Wars), in eight books; Peri Ktismaton (De aedificiis; Buildings), in six books; and Anecdota (Historia arcane; Secret History), published posthumously.

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    Procopius was a diligent, careful, judicious narrator of the facts and developments and shows good powers of description. An interesting aspect of his writing is his personal and official familiarity with the people, places, events of which he writes.;

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