Kuprin, Aleksandr


    Russian novelist and short-story writer, Kuprin is one of the supporters of Russian critical realism. His natural style and vivid descriptions hold the reader captive. He served in the army but abandoned this career for a more colourful life. He worked as a journalist, hunter, actor and even as a circus worker. His Poyedinok (1905) meaning The Duel made him famous in the literary circles. Kuprin was fascinated with life and its innumerable facets. His eminent works include the story Reka zhizni (The River of Life, 1906) and the novel, Yama (The Pit, 1909-1915).

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    Russian author, Dostoevsky is renowned for his vital style of writing and timeless characters. He is regarded as an originator of Existentialism. His works have profound effect and provide a commentary on political, social and spiritual state of Russia.

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