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    Barry Levy is a former South African journalist who moved with his Australian wife and two children to Australia in 1984 because of their abhorrence of apartheid. In 2004 Levy had his first fiction novel published Burning Bright , a story of young love, hate and child abuse, which was translated into Italian. Levy's most recent book, As If! (Interactive Press, 2004), is a harsh, realistic and compassionate depiction of life on the streets for Australian kids. Other publications include The Glazer Kidnapping , the true story of one of the kidnappers involved in the world's biggest kidnap of its time, which took place in South Africa in the mid sixties; a short story, ''The Promised Land'', published in At the Rendezvous of Victory , a compilation under the title of principal author and Nobel Literature Prize laureate Nadine Gordimer; and ''The Souls from Nowhereland'', a chapter in the recent compilation Should I Stay or Should I Go , which highlights the ongoing dilemma and argument around emigration for South Africans. Levy has been a winner of the Australian Human Rights Award for Journalism - for a multiple series of stories on child sex abuse, domestic violence and homelessness; a winner of the Anning Barton Memorial Award for Outstanding Journalism (Central Queensland) for a series of stories on child sex abuse (incest-rape), and a Walkley Awards Queensland State finalist for his series on homelessness.;

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