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    Cavett Roberts NSA was founded in 1973 by Cavett Robert who was born November 14, 1907 in Starkville, Mississippi and died in September 1997. Members still hold to a code of helping one another known as “The Spirit of Cavett” and in honor of Cavett’s birthday, NSA celebrates the “Spirit of NSA” day every November 14. Even though he suffered from stage fright in his younger years, Cavett Robert joined Toastmasters International and went on to receive his first paid speech at the age of 61. Cavett’s idea for NSA began with just 35 attendees of the Phoenix Summer Sales Seminar in 1969. After years of work, the National Speakers Association was incorporated on July 12, 1973. Cavett Robert’s hope was to build a bigger pie so everyone could have a bigger slice. In July 1979, Cavett Robert was honored with NSA’s first Member of the Year Award, later renamed “The Cavett Award,” which is awarded to the member who best exemplifies the qualities of caring, sharing, loving and making a difference in people’s lives.;

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