Roberts, Charles G. D.


    Charles G.D Roberts (1860-1943) was a poet and prose writer. After a childhood in New Brunswick, he became a heralded poet who later turned to fiction, writing an extensive series of animal stories and pioneering a genre that remains popular today. His works include Eyes of the Wilderness, The Vagrant of Time, and Earth's Enigmas. Roberts spent the last years of his life in Toronto, where he died. James Polk has written on the Canadian animal story as a unique genre in articles, reviews, and a book, Wilderness Writers. He served as cultural policy adviser in the Ontario government and is the author of a novel, short stories, and a play.  He is the recipient of the Janice E. Handford Award from the Ontario Book Publishers for his contribution to literary publishing. He lives in Toronto.

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    Known as the father of Canadian literature, Roberts wrote fiction, especially animal stories and romances, and non-fictional prose. He taught English and French at King?s College in Windsor, Nova Sco

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