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    Unravelling the mystery tests Anne's nerve as well as her remarkable acrobatic skills. Hoping to narrow her scope, she agrees to appear at a chateau to act the part of an exotic queen in Indian costume. Priceless jewelry disappears. Its owner, an aged count, is murdered. Then a venal police inspector threatens to derail Anne's whole project....Rich in period detail and brimming with suspense, historian O'Brien's debut novel is elegantly written as befits the times and explores borders between countries and between layers of society. The narrative is tinged by the storm gathering over France. Few have chosen to place a crime novel here. Charles O'Brien makes us wonder why. Charles O'Brien resides in Williams town, Massachusetts, with his wife, Elvy. He earned a Ph.D. in History from Columbia University and went on to teach history for thirty years before turning to historical mystery fiction fulltime. His special interests include the Age of Enlightenment and the History of Crime and Police. He has travelled and researched extensively in western Europe.

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