Damascene, John


    Theologian, writer, scholar, Father of the Church, and Doctor of the Church Damascene was born in Damascus, Syria. He worked as a high-ranking officer under the Saracen caliph of Damascus. He was considered one of the most gifted philosophers of his day and was known as Chrysorrhoas (Golden Stream) because of his oratorical abilities. He was the author of the standard text book of dogmatic theology in the early Greek Church. This manual is divided into three parts: Heads of Philosophy, Compendium of Heresies and An Exact Exposition of Orthodox Faith. John of Damascus is considered a saint by both Roman Catholic and the Greek Church.

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    Widely acknowledged as a saint, and author of books on Christianity, John Damascene was born in Syria. He has also contributed to Law, Theology, Philosophy and Music. His vast knowledge and expertise led to his appointment as the Chief Councillor of Damascus.

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