Yarnway, Dasarte


    Dasarte Yarnway is a Washington, DC based Financial Planner and Chief Executive Officer of Berknell Financial Group, a full service registered investment advisory firm. As the CEO of Berknell Financial Group, Mr. Yarnway focuses on implementing his RIITE Planning Process to help his clients and businesses reach their objectives in the areas of retirement planning, investments, insurance, tax and estate planning. Since the beginning of his career, Dasarte has had the privilege of working for some of the world's largest institutions, most notably Fisher Investments, Edward Jones and HSBC Wealth Management. At HSBC Wealth Management, Dasarte was responsible for nearly 80 million dollars of client assets amongst three branches. Mr. Yarnway also serves as a Board of Director for Future Leaders & Young Entrepreneurs, and is a well-known speaker and frequent panelist for a number of organizations.

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