Gleeson, E. A.


    E. A. Gleeson writes poems, essays and funeral ceremonies. Throughout the past two decades, her poems have been published in Australia, Ireland and the USA. Many of them have been placed in national and international awards. Her first poetry book, In between the dancing, received the 2008 IP Picks Award for Best New Manuscript. Her second collection, Maisie and The Black Cat Band was commended in the 2012 IP Picks poetry awards. Anne is an active member of the poetry community. She delights in guest performances at literary festivals and poetry readings. She has established poetry and artistic events for her community in her funeral home and she ensures travelling provides an opportunity to participate in poetry events and collaborate with poets from other poetry worlds. Anne grew up on a farm in the Western District of Victoria, Australia. After decades of travelling and living elsewhere, she has returned to the landscapes and seascapes of her youth. She is gaining a rich source of poetry from her newfound appreciation for the physical environments in which she was raised, and the emotional and philosophical terrain she has encountered since.

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