Hornung, Ernest


    English short-story writer and novelist. Hornung is famed as the creator of gentleman-burglar, A. J. Raffles. He is featured in many stories, the most famous of which are The Amateur Cracksman (1899), The Black Mask (1901), and A Thief in the Night (1905). Several of these stories have been televised. Hornung also wrote a novel based on this burglar's exploits, titled Mr. Justice Raffles (1909). He also penned other novels set against an Australian backdrop. The most popular of these is Stingaree (1905). ;

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    English short-story writer and novelist, Hornung is famous for creating “Raffles”, the wily yet likeable sleuth. Hornung’s work is mostly coloured by his experiences of Australia. He also wrote prominent war-verse.;

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