Villas, James


    James Villas has become one of the best known and most respected authorities on American cuisine. He was the food and wine editor of Town & Country for 27 years, and has written hundreds of articles appearing in magazines such as Bon Apptit, Gourmet, and Esquire. Villas has authored more than a dozen cookbooks and books on food and drink, including a memoir. In addition, he has appeared on many television shows including Good Morning America and Today. Villas grew up in North Carolina and earned his doctoral degree from the University of North Carolina. He also attended the University of Grenoble in France as a Fulbright Scholar. Among his many awards, Villas won the James Beard Journalism Award in 2000 for his article ''P.C. and Proud of It'' for Gourmet and was twice nominated for the James Beard Book Award. He has been listed in Whos Who in American Food and Wine and his books have been included in Food & Wines Best of the Best series. Villas lives in New York City and East Hampton, New York.

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