Myers, Joanne Dobson and Beverle Graves


    "Joanne Dobson is a retired Fordam University English Professor. Currently she teaches writing at the Hudson Valley Writing Center in Westchester County, New York, speaks and teaches at public libraries and other venues, including Fulbright teaching programs at Amherst College, and NEH teaching programs at The Emily Dickinson Center in Amherst, Massachusetts. Her Professor Karen Pelletier mystery novels are set at elite Enfield College, a small New - England academic institution not unlike Amherst College, where, in 1986, Joanne taught the first course ever offered on Emily Dickinson, whose grandfather was a founder of the college. Quieter Than Sleep was nominated for an Agatha award and, in 2001, Joanne was named Noted Author of the Year by the New York State Library Association as the author librarians most enjoyed recommending to their readers. The Professor Pelletier novels have been reviewed in major venues, including the New York Times. Beverle Graves Myers fell in love with opera at age nine during a marionette production of Rigoletto. A Kentucky native, she studied history at the University of Louisville and went on to earn a degree in medicine. After a career in psychiatry, she devoted herself to writing full-time. Beverle is the author of the Baroque mystery series featuring Tito Amato."

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