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    specialization, University of California - Los Angeles) is director of the Institute for Research on Psychology and Spirituality, associate professor of psychology, and editor of theJournal of Psychology and Theology at Biola University. He is also the president of Alidade Research (, a research and organizational development consulting firm. Hall developed the Furnishing the Soul Inventory, one of the most widely used measures of Christian spirituality among Christian colleges, Bible institutes and secondary schools in North America. He speaks and consults regularly on spiritual transformation, leadership and organizational development to Christian schools, nonprofits, businesses and churches around the country. Having conducted research on spiritual transformation for over fifteen years, Hall has published extensively on the topic in journals such as the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, International Journal for the Psychology of Religion, Journal of Psychology and Theology, Journal of Psychology and Christianity and Mental Health, Culture and Religion. He is also the author of Spiritual Formation, Counseling and Psychotherapy (Nova Science, 2004).;

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