Talbot, John Michael


    "John Michael Talbot is an award-winning Christian musician, writer, motivational speaker and itinerant minister to churches and parishes around the world. An early pioneer of Contemporary Christian Music, Talbot was a founding artist on the Sparrow record label. He is now recognized as Catholic music's most popular artist with over 4 million albums and compositions sold. His songs are published in hymnals throughout the world. A member of the Jesus Movement in the early 70s, Talbot converted to Roman Catholicism in 1978 after immersing himself in the life and teaching of St. Francis of Assisi. He would go on to found an ""integrated monastic community"" at his Little Portion Hermitage in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. The Brothers and Sisters of Charity continue to this day, with Talbot as minister general. Talbot is also the author of numerous books bringing the Christian monastic tradition to contemporary life. His most recent book is Blessings of St. Benedict.";

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