Aworski, Joseph Jaworski


    Joseph Jaworski began his professional career as an attorney specializing in domestic and international litigation with the Houston-based firm of Bracewell & Patterson. He served with them for twenty years, fifteen of those as a senior partner and member of the firm's executive committee. In 1980, Jaworski left the practice of law to become founder, chairman, and CEO of the American Leadership Forum, a non-governmental agency responsible for developing collaborative leadership to deal with urban and regional problems in the United States. He has recently completed a four-year assignment as head of Global Scenario Planning for the Royal Dutch/Shell Group of Companies in London. In 19?? he joined the MIT Center for Organizational Learning, where he works with a consortium of leading corporations to build learning organizations. He is also a founder and chairman of the Centre for Generative Leadership, a professional consortium that works collaboratively with clients to develop the leadership required to shape the future.

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