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    Judith Rossell's first novel was Jack Jones and the Pirate Curse, a riotous piratical adventure full of swashbuckling thrills. Sam and the Killer Robot is her second. Judith is best known for I Spy with Inspector Stilton and Inspector Stilton and the Missing Jewels, the sumptuously illustrated puzzle books starring the ingenious rat detective, Inspector Stilton. Her other puzzle titles include The Lost Treasure of the Green Iguana , The Haunted Castle of Count Viper and The Mystery of the Golden Crocodile , and she has illustrated books by other writers, including the Children's Book Council of Australia's 1999 shortlisted title, How to Guzzle Your Garden (by Jackie French), and the popular Blackbread the Pirate (by Garth Nix). Judith lives in Melbourne, Australia.

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