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    Linda Tarr-Whelan is a premier expert on women's leadership in this country and internationally. As a frequent speaker to college and women's audiences, in the media, and as an advisor to top officials in the United States and Europe, Linda promotes more women in leadership as good business and smart politics. Her book, Women Lead the Way: Your Guide to Stepping Up and Changing the World, brings her strong experience and personal convictions about women's strengths to the ground level with a practical road map for women to move up. Currently a distinguished senior fellow at Demos, a network for ideas and action, she directs the Women's Leadership Initiative. Ambassador Tarr-Whelan has always been a change agent. The constant thread in her life and work has been to lead beyond the status quo to a more egalitarian, peaceful, and just world. She has pursued the dream of women's advancement from her first day on the job as a nurse, when she was fired for failing to stand up when a doctor came into the room.Linda's work as a nurse might seem a far cry from the rest of her illustrious career, but one that left a lifetime mark on her ability to listen and desire to reach out to help and empower others. It also taught her to endure eighteen-hour workdays, believe in the worth and dignity of individuals in the most menial as well as the most exalted of jobs, and encounter every kind of boss, from the empty suits and top-down autocrats to the most inclusive and collaborative. When frozen systems didn't budge, she helped to create or build organizations to make them move, including the Center for Women in Government, the Coalition of Labor Union Women, the Center for Policy Alternatives, Demos, and Quantum Leaps, Inc. Linda was a U.S. delegate to the groundbreaking UN Fourth World Conference on the Status of Women in Beijing, and her career path and networks stretch across the globe.She and he husband, Keith, created their own consulting firm, Tarr-Whelan & Associates, Inc., a

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