Musset, Louis Charles Alfred de


    Louis Charles Alfred de Musset (1810 - 1857), a French romantic poet, playwright, and fiction writer, was born in Paris. He is best - known for his lyrical poems, comedies, and one of the most the influential plays of 19th century France, Lorenzaccio. His books include L'Anglais mangeur d'opium (1828), Contes d'Espagne et d'Italie (1830), Lorenzaccio (1834), and his famous autobiographical novel, La Confession d'un enfant du si├Ęcle (1836) about his relationship with George Sand.

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    French poet, playwright and novelist of the Romantic era. Musset is famous for his versatile poetry, especially his masterfully crafted lyrics. His plays and novels are regarded as classics. He was elected as a member of the prestigious French Academy in 1852.

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