La Fayette, Marie-Madeleine Pioche


    Famous French writer of La Princesse de Cleves (1678). This masterpiece is regarded as 'the first modern French novel' and is notable for skilful infusion of pathos in dialogues. La Fayette's other novels include La Princesse de Monpensier (1662), and Zayde (1670). The latter of these was published under the name J. Regnault de Segrais. Her other writings consist of Histoire de Madame Henriette d' Angleterre (The Secret History of Henrietta, Princess of England; 1723).

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    Madame de La Fayette was the famous French writer. At an early age of sixteen, she became the maid of honour to the Queen Anne of Austria. She was the author of France's first historical novel and one of the earliest novels in the literature.

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