Rolls, Mike


    Mike Rolls's expertise is in resilience and the drive to move forwards - to never settle for just 'getting by', 'coping' or allowing yourself to be defined by circumstances or your current situation. Combining extensive research with his personal experiences, Mike has developed a practical methodology to simplify your life and liberate yourself from whatever is holding you back or making you unhappy. Whether your challenge is personal or professional, the P.R.U.N.E. model provides a road map through change so you can make the positive adjustments to fulfil your potential and live your best life. Forget the quick fix, or band-aid solutions and ditch the dead weight for good. Mike is based in Melbourne, Australia. He is a professional speaker, coach and workshop facilitator, delivering resilience programs to a wide range of companies, government organisations and schools.If you would like to know more about Mike and the services he offers, visit his website: 

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