Rose, Mychal Copeland and D’vorah


    Mychal Copeland, MTS, speaks and writes about the inclusion of LGBTQI people and interfaith families in religious life. As Bay Area director of InterfaithFamily, she helps couples navigate diversity of religious and cultural backgrounds, and as rabbi at Stanford University, she led multifaith and Jewish student groups exploring the intersections between religion and sexuality. She also served at Congregation Beit Simchat Torah in New York City, the world’s largest LGBTQI synagogue. D’vorah Rose, BCC, a multifaith healthcare chaplain, rabbi and palliative care and hospice nurse, consults with and advises healthcare institutions throughout the United States and internationally on the intersections of religious and cultural diversity, pluralism and healthcare status, with a specific focus on historically underserved communities, including LGBTQI patients and healthcare providers.

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