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    Neil J. Lavender, Ph.D., has worked as a practicing psychologist specializing in relationship problems since 1989. He is a professor of psychology at Ocean County College in the Jersey Shore area. Along with Alan Cavaiola, he coauthored Toxic Coworkers, which has been translated into five languages. Together, they have appeared on the radio, on television, and in print media addressing the topic of personality disorders in personal and workplace relationships. Alan Cavaiola, Ph.D., is a professor in the Department of Psychological Counseling at Monmouth University where he is a member of the graduate faculty. He is a licensed psychologist, a licensed clinical alcohol and drug counselor, and a licensed professional counselor. In addition to his teaching, Cavaiola has been a practicing psychologist since 1988. He is coauthor of Toxic Coworkers, Assessment and Treatment of DWI Offenders and A Practical Guide to Crisis Intervention.

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