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    Award-winning investigative reporter and bestselling author Paul Barry studied Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Oxford University. A journalist with BBC TV for ten years, he came to Australia in 1987 to work for the ABC's Four Corners, where one of his hardest-hitting reports was on multi-millionaire Alan Bond. This led to his first bestseller, The Rise and Fall of Alan Bond. Since then, his books have dominated the bestseller lists. His second book, The Rise and Rise of Kerry Packer, was the top-selling biography of the 1990s. He followed up with Going for Broke, the story of how Alan Bond hid his fortune, and Rich Kids, which revealed how the Packers and Murdochs lost $950m in One. Tel. Paul Barry's work as a journalist has won numerous awards, including a Walkley in 2001 for an expos on tax-dodging barristers. He is a former host of The Times and Witness on Channel Seven and of the ABC's Media Watch. He has also written for the Sydney Morning Herald, reported for 60 Minutes and presented Breakfast on ABC Radio National. ;

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