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    <div>Ray Brooks is a British author</div><div>and public speaker on the subject of</div><div>non-duality. He gives private and group</div><div>talks throughout the United States,</div><div>Europe, Japan, India and Canada, sharing</div><div>his direct experience of the “natural</div><div>state” through simple self-inquiry. Ray is</div><div>also the author of Blowing Zen:</div><div>Finding an Authentic Life, (Ich Ging den</div><div>weg der Zen Flote, German edition),</div><div>a musician and recording artist who is</div><div>internationally respected in the world of shakuhachi music. He has studied with many great shakuhachi masters and performed throughout Japan and overseas. Sharing a passion for travel and adventure with his wife Dianne, they have explored the world</div><div>together and spend most of their winters living in the foothills of the Indian Himalayas. </div>

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