Wodtke, Rhian Jones, Daniel Lukes and Larissa


    <div>Daniel Lukes has a PhD in</div><div>Comparative Literature from New York</div><div>University and currently teaches in the</div><div>Department of Comparative Literature at</div><div>Indiana University, Bloomington.</div><div>Larissa Wodtke is the Research</div><div>Coordinator at the Centre for Research in</div><div>Young People’s Texts and Cultures at the</div><div>University of Winnipeg, in Canada, and</div><div>the Managing Editor of the academic</div><div>journal Jeunesse: Young People,</div><div>Texts, Cultures .</div><div>Rhian E. Jones is former editor</div><div>of New Left Project and author of</div><div>Clampdown: Pop-Cultural Wars on Class</div><div>and Gender and Petticoat Heroes</div><div>. She writes for various publications</div><div>including The Guardian, Los Angeles</div><div>Review of Books and The</div>

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