Barton, Sheila


    Sheila Barton took a first class degree in theology at Cambridge and then worked as a teacher, lecturer, social worker and manager in the charity sector. When her son, Jonathan, was three he was diagnosed with autism. He is now nearly 30. Her book tells the story of those years - recounting the laughter as well as the sorrow. She makes a powerful plea for respecting difference in people whilst keeping the reader amused, moved and enthralled. This book is not just for people with experience of autism. Jon Snow says 'This is a book we all should read.' Sheila has published articles about autism and disability equality in The Observer, The Guardian, The Times, Nursery World and Disability now. Living with Jonathan is her first book. Peter Stanford says 'Sheila Barton tells it all, with honesty, humour and self-knowledge, making this an outstanding and ultimately uplifting memoir.;

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