Kaminsky, Stephen, Sally Damiani and Leah


    Leah Kaminsky (Author) Leah Kaminsky is an award-winning physician and writer. She is Poetry & Fiction Editor at the Medical Journal of Australia and Online Editor at Hunger Mountain. She conceived and edited Writer, M.D., an anthology of contemporary doctor-writers. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts, and was shortlisted in the Faulkner-Wisdom Novel Writing Competition. Leah has been the Damianis’ physician since Massimo was born and was the first person to be alerted to the fact that there was some kind of problem when he was an infant. Stephen Damiani (Author) Stephen Damiani has a broad commercial background across industry sectors and geographies and more recently in his own start-up businesses. Stephen has no college level medical training but has had to learn much about genetics and bioinformatics over the past five years, since his son Massimo showed signs of having some rare form of Leukodystrophy. He is very keen to see the promise of the human genome project delivering diagnostic and therapeutic benefits over the next decade. Stephen recently established the Mission Massimo Foundation to promote the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of childhood Leukodystrophies. It aims to accelerate the discovery of novel genetic variations responsible for these debilitating conditions and to translate these findings into clinical treatments. Sally Damiani (Author) Sally Damiani has poured her efforts into understanding all she could about Leukodystrophy since first hearing the term in July 2009. Sally’s main mission is keeping Massimo and his twin brothers happy and healthy while they push the development of a future treatment that may arrest the development of Massimo’s disease or possibly reverse its debilitating effects. In addition to her family, Sally co-founded the Mission Massimo Foundation with her husband Stephen and works in a senior strategy management role with a global health care organisation. Prior to this Sally held senior strategy, marketing and management consultant roles with Australian and multi-national firms.

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