Weeks, Stephen


    Stephen Weeks is a writer, conservationist, and filmmaker. For thirty years he lived in a twelfth-century castle in Wales, which he restored. For the last fourteen years he has lived in Prague, Czech Republic. His films, as writer/director/producer, include the horror films, I, Monster and Ghost Story. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (and his own remake of it, Sword of the Valiant) are Arthurian romances, the latter starring Sir Sean Connery as the Green Knight. His novels include Daniela, a tragic love story set mainly in Prague 1944-’45, and Awakening Avalon, a supernatural thriller. His latest novel is The Nerve Doctor, a bizarre glimpse into the lives of two doctors setting up again in Prague in 1946. His return to making films is marked by The Pain of Mrs. Winterton, set in the last years of British India, and based on his novel to be published in 2017. He is still actively restoring castles in various parts of Europe.;

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