Gautier, Theophile


    French poet, critic, journalist and novelist, Gautier greatly influenced French art and literature. His poetry is distinct for its style and technique of which Poesies (1830) and Emaux et camees (Enamels and Cameos, 1852) are prime examples. Of all his novels, Gautier is best-known for Mademoiselle de Maupin (1835). He also wrote short stories of which the most reputed are La morte amoureuse (The Love-Death) and Une nuit de Cleopatre (One of Cleopatra's Nights). Gautier was a noted critic as well and his most famous works in this regard are Histoire de l'art dramatique depuis vingt-cinq ans (History of Dramatic Art During the Last Twenty-five Years, 1858-1859), and Rapport sur le progres des lettres depuis vingt-cinq ans (Report on the Progress of Literature During the Last Twenty-five Years, 1868).

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    French novelist, poet, dramatist, journalist and literary critic. Gautier is renowned as one of the most influential authors of the 19th century. He wrote several novels, short stories and articles in his life time.

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